Kaweco’s Apple Pencil Sleeve is out now

The news a few people have been waiting for, especially after this product has been mentioned on the Pen Addict Podcast #294:

Kaweco’s Apple Pencil Sleeve is out

Image © Kaweco / Mostwanted-Pens
Image © Kaweco / Mostwanted-Pens
Image © Kaweco / Mostwanted-Pens
Image © Kaweco / Mostwanted-Pens
Image © Kaweco / Mostwanted-Pens

You can get all colours from Mostwanted-Pens.

Thank you to Sebastian Gutberlet for this information.

The images in this blog post has been taken from Mostwanted-Pens.com. TV series. I believe that the use of Kaweco’s image shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

5 thoughts on “Kaweco’s Apple Pencil Sleeve is out now”

  1. Thank you very much for your comment, ruurd. I hope they’ll be available in Dutch shops soon. Is Kaweco popular in the UK?

  2. I would not know if Kaaweco is popular in the UK.

    It seems there are a couple of renowned webshops here in The Netherlands that sell Kaweco products, La Couronne du Comte for example. And as a user of an iPad Pro with an Apple pencil I really was surprised to see Kaweco create this. Even the price is reasonable but the shipping is too much for me alas. I will probably have to wait it out until they are available here in NL. We’ll see.

  3. Oh, sorry, I meant to ask whether Kaweco is popular in the Netherlands.

    Maybe Couronne will stock the sleeve in the future. Have you ever seen them in non-online shops? I think in the UK I have only found one chain with physical shops that sells Kaweco: Paperchase.

  4. I think that LCDC sells them in their brick-and-mortar shop and maybe Akkerman in The Hague too. I got my first Kaweco – a copper Lilliput – a couple of years ago in a little art supply shop in Amsterdam.

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