Pencil Pot Of The Month – June 2016

Bamboo Pencil Pot (John Lewis)

Description: A bamboo pencil pot from John Lewis

Price: £5 (~$6.75; €6.05)

Material: Bamboo

Further information: A bamboo pencil pot. The rounded corners are really nice. If you like bamboo: a 2011 blog post included a similar pencil pot, but this month’s pencil pot’s simplicity makes it the nicer of the two pencil pots.

A look at the rounded corners
A look at the rounded corners

Also rounded near the base
Also rounded near the base

Price and exchange rates: June 2016 (These are post-Brexit vote exchange rates)

5 thoughts on “Pencil Pot Of The Month – June 2016”

  1. It’s a beautiful and well-made pencil pot – thank you for showing! May I ask which pencil the Noris-like black dyed one on the right is?

  2. I’m happy you like it.
    It’s the Noris stylus, made from Wopex material, that I got from you. The one on the left is the Noris stylus made from wood.

  3. Sean, I’m happy you like the photo.
    I kind of cheated. It was just too dark in the room and the first photo was blurry, so I got the tripod out (I don’t do that often) and took the photo again – with a tripod.

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