Pencil Pot Of The Month – April 2016


Description: A can of Coke

Price: <£1 (~<$1.40; <€1.30)

Material: Aluminium or tin-plated steel

Further information: Comes with a free drink.

I have used drink cans as pen pots since the 1980s. Here’s a little making of:



Price and exchange rates: April 2016

2 thoughts on “Pencil Pot Of The Month – April 2016”

  1. Instead of using the pen knife you can also use a can opener. Most can openers work perfectly on these types of cans also.

  2. Thank you for your comment and the tip. I should try that. If you pull the lid off with pliers you can make sure that all of it is gone and that there are no sharp corners – I think I was worried there will be sharp corners if I use a can opener.

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