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This week I had a quick look at Manchester’s Muji store, where I found wood cased pencils and a desktop pencil sharpener.

Manchester used to have a bigger Muji store, but it closed down, maybe about ten years ago. We now only have a smaller Muji store in Selfridges.

Manchester’s Muji didn’t have these pencils and the sharpener earlier this year [1]They used to sell wood cased coloured pencils, though., but it could be that bigger stores were stocking these products for a while already.

Muji's pencils and sharpener
Muji’s pencils and sharpener

I didn’t buy them, just because Japanese pencils in HB can be to soft for my style of writing (I want a fine point that lasts) and for the kind of paper I use (normal paper). An example of this would be Tombow’s Drawing pencil in HB. I thought Muji’s 2B pencils are most likely too soft for me so I didn’t want to buy them and then end up not using them.

The pens left of the pencils seem very similar to OHTO Tasche pens.


1 They used to sell wood cased coloured pencils, though.

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  1. I bought the HB Muji pencils on eBay a few years ago, and liked them a lot. You’re right that they’re very soft though; the HB was very smooth but softer even than the Tombow HB. I liked writing with them and went through the half-dozen I had quite quickly.

    The pencil sharpener appears to be quite new as it only recently appeared on Muji’s website. I like its plain looks, but suspect it’s made from plastic. Does it come with a desk-clamp? Muji’s site remains terrible for supplying anything beyond the most basic of descriptions.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    Good to know they are soft, even the HB, now I am sure I did the right thing by not buying them.

    The sharpener looks nice, it certainly has that Muji look. I didn’t unpack one, but it seemed to be plastic. I didn’t notice a desk clamp or the kind of hole sharpeners usually have to attach a desk clamp, but I didn’t have a close look. One reason is that there was no UK price, only a Japanese price (1000 JPY, so based on their usual “Muji exchange rate” I guess it will be £10 -£12), the other reason was that I don’t think I need another desktop sharpener as my desk is so full.

    By the way, thank you for introducing me to Field Notes a few years ago. I am still using the ones you sent me. This weekend I bought some more, but the ones you sent have the best paper for pencils of the Field Notes I have tried so far.

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