A mysterious pencil

Just a quick Seen in the wild post.

The lastest X-Files episode seems to have featured a Derwent Graphic pencil. I have only seen a few minutes of this episode so far, so I’m not sure whether this pencil will make a repeat appearance.

Christopher Logan using a Derwent Graphic pencil? (Image © Ten Thirteen Productions / 20th Century Fox)
A Derwent Graphic pencil? (Image © Ten Thirteen Productions / 20th Century Fox)

I believe that the use of the image, taken from Episode 2 Founder’s Mutation of Season 10 of the X-Files, shown in this blog post, falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

4 thoughts on “A mysterious pencil”

  1. Ha! I had noticed that too – it’s either a Graphic, or a Sketching (both have the red “wave” at the dipped end, but the Sketching is a round pencil, and the Graphic hex).

    Oddly, Derwent’s Graphic features in an episode of “Fringe” too (another series about a government agency dealing with the paranormal). A teenager who predicts the future in her drawings uses Graphics to do so 🙂

  2. John, thanks for your comment.

    Oh, good you pointed that out: It might be a Sketching, I didn’t know that. I have deleted the episode from my box, but I think it was hexagonal.

    I watched the first episodes of Fringe, but don’t remember a Derwent, but I do remember a Tombow Mono in Heroes. The girl who can heal/recover used it in one of the later seasons and it was quite obvious in that episode, certainly more than obvious than the Derwent in X-Files.

    Ticonderogas are everywhere (Malcolm in the Middle, Big Bang Theory), so I haven’t mentioned them so far.

  3. Whoops – it’s actually the Derwent Charcoal pencil that’s the drawing pencil with the red wave – the Sketching range has a Grey wave. As we don’t see the character having to sharpen after each letter is written, I’m fairly confident that it’s not a Charcoal pencil 🙂

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