Wopex vs Noris


After a bit more than three years and many posts later the Bleistift Facebook page reached 100 likes this week. Well, I have to confess that I cheated and invited some of my friends to like the page, anyway: next aim: 200 likes by 2018, but that will be more difficult, as I have already invited some friends plus some people will probably unlike the page over the next three years. We will see…

Wopex vs Noris

Anyway, onto the real blog post:

You might remember the blog post about the Staedtler 501 180 sharpener. Staedtler’s rotary sharpeners start with 501 and their Wopex pencils are associated with the number 180. Despite this sharpener being officially available in the UK I didn’t come across it yet, so I keep using my Deli to make a great Wopex point. Here’s a comparison of a Wopex, sharpened in a Deli 0635 and a Noris, sharpened in the same Deli.

A Wopex sharpened in the Deli 0635
A Wopex sharpened in the Deli 0635



A Noris sharpened in the Deli 0635
A Noris sharpened in the Deli 0635

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8 thoughts on “Wopex vs Noris”

  1. Thanks for your comment.
    I have an Epson scanner I use to scan negatives – I used that one, but to be honest I think the pictures are not much better than those from my camera.
    If I look at the Noris point from the Finnish post ( http://bleistift.memm.de/?p=4452 ) in high resolution (open in a new tab) I think the camera would create better results if I would use a tripod instead of taking the pictures just holding the camera in my hands.

    …but the more important question is: have you seen the 501 180 in the wild yet? Can you comment on its performance?

  2. Thank you for the details. – Yes, I strongly recommend to use a tripod. It will also allow a lower ISO value and a smaller aperture, and the latter will result in a better depth of field.

    I got a 501 180 a few months ago. It sits on the shelf since then and waits for a review but since my blogging enthusiasm has waned a little and I have been very busy with other things it will take a while. Besides that I haven’t used yet it so I can’t commend on its performance.

  3. Actually I even have a tripod, but finding the time to take photos while there is good daylight doesn’t seem easy, so I normally just do the photos hand held …plus last time I used the tripod the little one managed to make the tripod and the camera fall over and the lens got damaged (luckily I was able to open it and fix it, now my expensive £150 lens is working again).

    I’ll keep my eyes open for a blog post from you about the 501 180, no pressure ;^P

  4. Hello! I am from Brazil and I found a few months ago a pencil sharpener that looks exactly like the Deli you have. It is an exact copy of the deli 0635, but it’s under another brand called Easy Office (very generic, I know). But anyways, it sharpens great, it also have the blade sharpener in the drawer and the crank isn’t removable, which leads me to believe they are the exact same product manufactured by the same company. In this same store , under the same brand there was also a sharpener that looks like the Classroom friendly sharpener, which makes me believe the Deli and the Classroom friendly are made by the same company. I always wonder who makes these sharpeners and where in the world they end up, like here in my country.

  5. Matthias, congratulations on your 100th like! I promise to like your page too if I ever set up a Facebook account 😉

    Gunther: I hope it is just a phase you’re going through (don’t we all?). I too will be looking forward to a review!

  6. Thank you for your comments.

    Jean, regarding who makes these sharpeners, I had ideas similar to our idea (see this review of another Deli sharpener http://bleistift.memm.de/?p=4003 ).
    Regarding the crank not being removable, Once I bought a few black and blue ones in Shanghai and brought them home. All of one colour had a removable mechanism, all of the other colour had a non-removable mechanism. It made me wonder whether they just assembled it too fast, before the paint or plastic dried or cured properly, but that is pure speculation on my part – I just don’t see a logical explanation why one colour has a removable mechanism and one doesn’t, especially when earlier versions of both colours had removable mechanisms. I secretly think they are all made by Deli, but I don’t know. Thanks for talking about the situation in your country – I find the way stationery gets distributed fascinating!

    Sola, thanks!

    Gunther, I also strongly hope to be able to read more amazing blog posts form you in the future.

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