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This blog post is probably only of interest to you if you are in the UK.

I went to my local Staples today to get a Duraclip folder and was excited to see some nice Back to School offers.

A lot of their normal stationery is overpriced, but some of the offers are fantastic.

2015-08-04 15.29.38

You get 10 Staedtler Noris, plus an eraser and a sharpener for £1.50. I also got some Washi tape and Lego erasers on clearance for 50p.

2015-08-04 15.33.27

Pencil shaped staplers for 89p. I didn’t buy one.

2015-08-04 15.33.36
…didn’t know Crayola makes pencils.

7 thoughts on “Back to School offers”

  1. The Crayola pencils take 2mm drafting leads and are propelling/repelling pencils. If you like using that lead, they’re a bargain.

  2. Oh… is it already that time of year?? I’m still in camp-sending mode, must get back on my feet soon 🙁 BTW the washi tape selection at Staples is something to chew over – you get this impression that it desperately wants to be part of the action but doesn’t quite know how. Or maybe it’s 3M that needs to rethink its strategy?

  3. Thank you for your comments.

    Mitch, the lead did look a bit too wide for me, so I gave it a go, despite the good price. No point in buying it if I never use it. Do you use it? If so, do you sharpen the lead?

    Sola, I also thought it’s a bit early for that.. Here in the UK I only saw no name washi tapes. I didn’t even know 3M makes them. I have very good experience with 3M products, even though they never seem to be discounted and therefor usually quite expensive, I guess if they sold 3M washi tapes I would give them a try.

  4. I think the French supermarkets normally run their “rentrée” promotions around this time of year too, for those who think this a bit early. I remember it used to make my children groan, seeing the “Back to School” offers when it seemed like they’d just begun their holiday!

    Re: Crayola, and being surprised by their offerings, they had a shortlived “Pro” range, which was excellent. I only ever saw them once, at a large wholesalers (a bit like Costco). I remember a broad tipped fineliner, and a steel nibbed model called a “Liquid Ink Scripter” as being particularly good.

  5. These offers are really bit early.

    The “Liquid Ink Scripter” sounds very good. I had a quick look on the web and couldn’t find anything. I don’t know them, but it seems a shame they stopped them. Do you think it was their own product or do you think they just relabelled something manufactured by someone else? I’m just asking because Crayola doesn’t sound very ‘pro’ (maybe that’s why they struggle to attract another audience).

  6. I do sharpen the leads in the Crayola 2.0 mm pencils. I just use a standard drafting lead sharpener. Otherwise, I agree, the point is much too broad.

  7. Mitch, thanks. Hmm, I’m half tempted. I might buy it if it’s still there next time I go there – but I can’t see myself using these at work :^P

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