A broken Wopex


I guess I’m a glass half empty guy. One of my Wopex in 2H broke today. A glass half full guy would probably rejoice, now being in possession of two pencils instead of one.

Broken Wopex

I used it to open one of the fire doors at work using the pencil. Something I am sure I did with other (wooden) pencils in the past. They survived, my Wopex didn’t.

Broken Wopex

I guess the fact that it the Wopex is hard to sharpen made me subconsciously assume that it would have a high fracture strength.



9 thoughts on “A broken Wopex”

  1. Rick van der Bouwijn

    Hi! Sorry about your pencil. Do you have any of those nifty pencil extender things with the collars that slide down the barrels to grip the pencil stubs?

    One of my courses this semester includes refractory materials and I am wondering what type of furnaces you have at work and why you would be opening the fire doors?

    Have a stellar weekend!


  2. Thank you for your comments.

    Rick, I do have one of those extenders, but they are at home and I am in the office. For now I fixed my Wopex using sellotape.
    When I mentioned the fire door I was referring to this type of door: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_door They are just hinged doors with overhead door closers.

    Johnny, unfortunately I don’t have a bullet pencil 8^(

    John, not sure I want to undress my Wopex, but if you want to see Wopex striptease: http://www.lexikaliker.de/2012/03/nackte-tatsachen/

  3. No bullet pencil? I have some cool vintage bullets I am planning to clean up a little bit. I’ll send you one the next time I send you a package. 🙂

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  5. Well I never!

    Thanks for the link, Matthias. I do like the coating on the Wopex, so I’m loath to do this on one of my own! Maybe when I’m a bit further through my Neons, I’ll peel one 🙂

  6. Johnny, thanks for the offer. I wouldn’t mind trying one out 8^)

    Junius, that’s a fitting name 8^D

    John, I also like the coating – it gives you great grip. I don’t know how they will feel like in a decade or so – I have two radios that used to have a surface that felt similar. Now they just feel sticky because the coating deteriorated.

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