More Venezuelan Mongols

After I recently received some Venezuelan Mongols Sean told me that you can get them very cheap on I normally prefer hexagonal pencils, but hey, they are Mongols! I didn’t expect to get them that cheap: I got three dozen Venezuelan Mongols, including express delivery to the UK, for $12.94 (~ £8.50; €11.10). Sending them within the UK, using express delivery, would probably have cost nearly as much.

Venezuelan Mongols
Venezuelan Mongols

The parcel was stuck in customs for a while and has officially been opened by Her Majesty’s Customs for inspection – I assume that is less of a coincidence and more because Venezuela borders Columbia, which seems to be a big exporter of drugs.

Too bad I haven’t found anyone yet who is selling the other Mongols that are still around: the ones from the Philippines.


…and there’s already more exciting stationery on its way. Shangching is trying to get me a Pentel Orenz [1]Should I really spell it all lower case?, which I got to know through Lexikaliker, and I also ordered a Zebra DelGuard, a mechanical pencil that looks a bit like a Kuru Toga, but that is using springs to protect the lead from breaking due to too much pressure. I hope to review the DelGuard very soon after it arrives (which might take a few weeks as it’s coming from Japan).

Price and exchange rates: January 2015


1 Should I really spell it all lower case?

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