Handicraft with Bleistift V – reusing a pen loop

After my initial disappointment with Leuchtturm’s pen loop, my pen loops caused problems because of protruding plastic with glue at the bottom, I adjusted my pen loops by cutting the bit of the plastic off that put glue on the pens put in the pen loop and that scratched their surface.  I wonder whether the pen loop has improved since 2011, maybe the problem is gone from later version of Leuchtturm’s pen loop. I haven’t found out yet because I haven’t bought new ones, but reused my old pen loops, as you might already have seen in this blog post. This weekend I have reused the last of my original pen loops, so I took some photos along the way.


Leuchtturm’s pen loop in my old diary.


Removing the old pen loop. The glue is quite something.

removedThe old pen loop removed

toolsI’ll attach it to the new diary with a paper riveter I bought in Shanghai many years ago.

finishedReady for another year of action…

2 thoughts on “Handicraft with Bleistift V – reusing a pen loop”

  1. Memm, on the left-hand side where there are no rivets, was the surface still a little sticky so that it adheres? Or did you have to reapply some adhesive?

  2. I would have liked to put rivets there as well, but my riveter doesn’t reach that far. The left part is only held in place by the original glue, which is still a bit sticky – but the real work is done by the rivets and the black plastic is thick, there’s no chance of it bending, so the glue doesn’t have much work to do…

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