Late back to school offers

Two late back to school offers I picked up this week in Tesco:

A Black n’ Red polynote A7 and a Pilot V Pen.

Black n Red and Pilot

I mentioned the A7 notepad in a previous blog post. What happened since then? They dropped the ‘polynote’ part from the name and the price more than doubled! It usually sells for £2.50, so getting it for £1.25  (~$2.05; €1.60) is a good deal these days. Last time I only paid 60p – but the steep increase in stationery prices in the UK is nothing new…

Unfortunately I only bought one. I should have stocked up. Maybe I’ll be lucky and it will still be on offer next time I go to Tesco.

The other item: a Pilot V Pen for £1 (~$1.62; €1.28). You might be disappointed though if you hope to get a fountain pen with  a ‘mirrored’ nib, as displayed on the packaging 8^P. The actual nib is labelled the normal way round.

Pilot V Pen

Prices and exchange rates: September 2014.

3 thoughts on “Late back to school offers”

  1. I was given a V-Pen as a gift a little while ago – they’re surprisingly nice writers, and seem quite resistant to hard starts and skipping (I’ve left mine for weeks on end, and it’s always ready to write when I return to it).

    I like the ink colour in the purple version I have too.

  2. Sean, it’s really good value for money.

    John, it’s a really nice pen, but to me the plastic of some some other cheap fountain pens, like the Preppy, feels better. The packaging of the V-Pen mentions that it’s a medium nib. I’d be more than interested in a Fine nib, if there is one – but it’s rare enough to come across the V-Pen in medium.

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