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I’m happy that so many new stationery blogs seem to have started recently – and that more of the general stationery blogs seem to care about the humble pencil, too …but when updating the links on this blog I also noticed that there are so many nice stationery blogs that have left us far too early.

Most missed is Sean’s previous blog Pencils and Music, but it’s nice to see that his blogs Blackwing Pages and Contrapuntalism are still alive and well.

Other blogs that didn’t survive and have either been taken offline or haven’t been updated in quite a while are (in alphabetical order) The Leaky Pen, Pencil Points, Paper Notes In A Digital World, Notebook loves Pen, Pencil Wrap, Notebooktivity, Pencil Reviewer, Fred’s Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, Pages Made of Paper and Recording Thoughts.

You will be missed (especially the pencil blogs)!

The Motus and two old Faber pencil extenders


3 thoughts on “Stationery blogs”

  1. I miss Sean’s original (?) blog, too! Pencils and Music was wonderful.

    I go back and read the archives of some of the older blogs sometimes. Am I the only one who does that?

  2. We love pencils at Playa Paper. Although you are disappointed at the number of blogs that have left the narrative, I am happy to have discovered more like-minded brands. Thank you for sharing… Off to buy summer Faber-Castell pencils! ~ Vikki

  3. Johnny, I read the archive of blogs still online, most blog post are articles that aren’t that time sensitive anyway – but it sometimes gets quite messy when the blogs are offline and you look at the google cache without pictures.

    Playa, summer Faber-Castell pencils? tell us more!

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