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  1. Hi Iain,

    Thank you for the photos of the sharpener on your website – I wish that item would also be available at Lidl Germany. – I like the warning sign, although I am surprised that it doesn’t show a pointed finger 😉

    Best regards,


  2. I’ll reply here, too, as your blog doesn’t allow comments. Thanks for the link to your blog you left here and for the link back from your blog. Great to know the sharpeners have rubber grips. Looking at the crank of your sharpener, especially the point adjuster and the handle, it looks so similar to the crank from the Deli 0668, so both sharpeners are probably from the same factory. I might buy when when I go to Lidl (I’d definitely buy one of I wouldn’t have more than one Deli sharpener already)…

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the warning sign was Lexikaliker’s “manicule collection”, the second thing I thought of was a warning sign on the photocopiers at work. I should take a photo of that sign. Great to see these details on your photos.

    I’m quite surprised that Lidl doesn’t sell these in Germany. I haven’t compared Lidl in the UK and in Germany recently, but in the past Lidl UK often sold many of the same articles as Lidl Germany, but a few weeks or month later and usually for a slightly higher price than in Germany. Funnily enough some of the good stuff from each country’s Lidl stores is not available in the other country.

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