Daily Archives: 5 October 2010

Staedtler Inspiration No. 176

3 October 2010 was not only the 20th anniversary of the German reunification, but also the 175th anniversary of Staedtler1. It was also the last date of their “Fascination of Writing” exhibition.

Happy Birthday Staedtler!

You might have already read about this exhibition at Lexikaliker (Google translation of this article), but I just discovered that there is an article about this exhibition in Staedtler’s latest newsletter Inspiration No. 176 (from August 2010).

To celebrate this special year Staedtler released a 175th anniversary pencil set. You can read more about it at pencil talk.

  1. Even though Staedtler’s history goes back further, 3 October 1835 is the official ‘birthday’ as it is the first day Staedtler can trace their business back to without interruptions []