National Statioery Week

Happy National Stationery Week 2017

National Stationery Week 2017

Look what letter I got today.
It’s nice that Royal Mail is in on National Stationery Week.

More blogs in the new pencil world

Something else I wanted to mention: There’s a new blog from the ‘new pencil world’. FI started linking to it in my blog link list a few weeks ago, but didn’t get round mentioning it yet, it’s A New Kind Of Pencil. Like The Weekly Pencil it features a series of blog posts about members of the Erasable Facebook group.

In case you wonder why some of my blog links don’t have the latest post displayed, that is usually because my software can’t read their RSS feed, often because it is a Square Space site. If I find a way of getting it to work I will change it, so that their latest blog posts are displayed, too.

National Stationery Week 6

Our cousins across the pond were celebrating National Pencil Day yesterday …and here in the UK we start this week’s National Stationery Week with today’s Pencil Day (Tomorrow is Notebook Day).


Happy National Stationery Week!


Unfortunately I’m a bit behind with my blog posts1. I hope I’ll be able to write about my parcels from Fudepens, Banditapple and La La Land soon.

  1. You might have spotted Contrapuntalism’s blog post that gives you an idea why. Not that this was unexpected – but it was expected for May, not March. []