historic pencil construction kit

Staedtler’s Pencilmaker Set

Fantastic! This morning I received my historic pencilmaker set.  The tin is labelled in eight different languages, even though you can only order this set directly from Staedtler in Germany. Stocks are limited, Staedtler does ship overseas, so if you want you please hurry before they are gone. The price is € 5 per set, one set makes one pencil.

Staedtler Pencilmaker Set

Staedtler historic pencil construction kit

Something very special:

This year Staedtler will offer a historic pencil construction kit. I have seen it in photos taken at their workshop and am really excited that it will be available to buy for those of us who can not attend the workshops.

For more information check this page on Staedtler’s web site.

Update: Staedtler’s German and Austrian web sites have a short video from a trade fair in Linz, Austria. This video  shows how to “assemble” Staedtler’s historic pencil. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles.

I really like that Staedtler refers to this pencil as being historic, instead of historical – because Friedrich Staedtler’s pencils of similar design are such an important part of Staedtler’s history.