Pencil production on TV

This wood will become Wopex material
This wood will become Wopex material (Image © Pro7)

Earlier this month I was in Germany and was lucky enough to have been part of a Staedtler factory tour in Nuremberg.

Sharpening the pencils
Sharpening the pencils (Image © Pro7)

Staedtler’s pencils are actually made or assembled in Neumarkt, but the leads are from Nuremberg, so even though I wasn’t able to see the pencils being made I was able to see how the leads are being made there …but more about this another time.

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 16.20.24
(Image © Pro7)

I am mentioning this because Mr Rüdel, who showed us around, told me about a clip from a TV programme that has recently been filmed in the factory. You can watch it here. It’s about Staedtler’s pencil production. Unfortunately the clip is in German only and if you live outside Germany it might not play form that web site and you might need to use some tricks to get it to play, but I’ve added some screenshots to give you a rough idea what the video is about.

Mr Rüdel making pencils as a medieval craftsman
Mr Rüdel making pencils as a medieval craftsman (Image © Pro7)

I believe that the use of the image shown in this blog post, taken from episode 191 from the 2016 season of Galileo, falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

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