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  1. Custom ink and notebooks are very tempting, but also very dangerous. It would be easy to spend a lot of time and money endlessly tinkering to get the ‘perfect’ ink colour. “Just a little more blue… a little more red… hmm… not quite warm enough…”

    To stop myself going down an endless rabbit hole with fountain pen ink, I’ve deliberately limited myself to only using blue-black, and ideally those which are pigment and/or permanent. My favourite is Sailor’s Sei-Boku. There’s a good review of it on Mountain of Ink.

    If you visited Inkstand, what colour blend would the Official Bleistift Ink be?

  2. Thank you for your comment. I love blue inks that go a little bit green or a little bit dark or grey. My favourite inks are Robert Oster’s Fire and Ice and Pelikan’s Edelstein Topaz(?). I also like iron gall blue inks, which is pretty close to blue black 8^)

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