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My last CultPens order came with a special freebie that’s just to my taste: a ‘CultPencil’ – no they don’t call it CultPencil, I made that name up.

Smile clip (green) and CultPencil (blue yellow)

In recent years CultPens’ freebie has usually been a smile clip (10+ years ago goodies were often pens from Stabilo, Schneider and others), but for now and only while stocks last (and I believe stocks are very limited) CultPens is throwing this pencil in with every order.

I’ll show you the nice goods that led me to receive this surprise freebie another time. Today I just want to let you have a look at this beautiful pencil.

Despite looking very similar to an Impega / Lyreco pencil [1]The Lyreco HB pencil is the only wood cased pencil in my employers stationery cabinet, so I come across it regularly it is actually from from Staedtler’s promotional range.

At the end of the pencil one side spots the CultPens logo while the other side is labelled ‘This is a pencil’.

It is a nice writer, but it is still a promotional pencil, so don’t expect to see quite the same smooth writing experience as with a Mars Lumograph.

Staedtler is of course no stranger to the world of promotional pencils. I have a huge collection of their promotional pencils. Below is the CultPencil (top) with a small selection of promotional pencils (below the CultPencil) made by Staedtler in their British factory in Pontyclun. Notice how the Granada Studios Tour, a film studio tour in Manchester, is labelled for left-handers [2]which reminds me of Staedtler’s more recent left-handed stationery..

You can find out more about Pontyclun and Staedtler UK’s history in this 2011 blog post.

Thank you very much to Michael from CultPens for providing me with more information about the CultPencil.


1The Lyreco HB pencil is the only wood cased pencil in my employers stationery cabinet, so I come across it regularly
2which reminds me of Staedtler’s more recent left-handed stationery.

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4 thoughts on “CultPencil

  • Kevin

    the colours, logo and the label are super cool..even a full stop….but I’ll stick with the Lumograph, thank you!!

  • memm Post author

    Your blog is great!
    Unfortunately they stopped producing there ca 2008. You could still get Welsh made Staedtler pencils for another year or two in supermarkets until stocks ran out.

  • memm Post author

    The Lumograph is great, but this pencil was a great (and unexpected) freebie with my order. I am using it at the moment 8^)