Un crayon français

Season Seven of French police procedural and legal drama series Engrenages (English: Spiral) doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the Staedtler Noris. In a previous blog post I showed the judge’s (juge Roban’s) Staedtler Noris and the police’s Staedtler Tradition. This time the protagonist, police officer Laure Berthaud, played by Caroline Proust, is using a Staedtler Noris. Good choice!

Laure Berthaud’s Noris (Image © Son et Lumière)

This Noris sighting has been added to the Noris in the wild page.

I believe that the use of the screenshot, taken from Engrenages Season 7 Episode 3 falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

3 thoughts on “Un crayon français”

  1. Scribble Monboddo

    A good pencil indeed – but very poor procedure! Notes which may be given in evidence should always be written with an indelible medium. What has the gendarmerie come to?

  2. 😜 if I remember right she was just counting up the money they found in the baddy’s hideout. There were also some BIC for colour pens seen later.

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