Ordering Food? There’s a Pencil for that…

The Chung Hwa Drawing Pencil 101 is still the pencil of choice in Shanghainese Dim Sum Restaurants.

In the nicer dim sum places, like here in a branch of Sue Hsiao Liu, they are of course also nicely sharpened.

If you wonder where they come from or how many a restaurant would keep: here’s this branch’s ‘secret’ stash of sharpened Chung Hwas, ready for the customers.

If you want to read more about Chung Hwa pencils – here’s a selection of related blog posts form around the web.

The 101:

Other Chung Hwa Pencils:

1 thought on “Ordering Food? There’s a Pencil for that…”

  1. Why do you use wooden pencil at the kitchen? food, liquids, oil, heat, steam, the constant need to sharpen… It would be much more convenient to use a mechanical pencil, for example Staedtler, Pentel or Rotring https://wowpencils.com/best-mechanical-pencils/ – #2,3,9 from the list. Good mechanical pencils don’t broken and don’t warp up.

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