Neither Magnetic, Nor Paper: Graphite is King on the Magnetic Notes

Neither magnetic, nor paper: Graphite is King on the Magnetic Notes (subtitle: Paper That Clings To Anything) from the Hobonichi store.

I bought mine when I ordered my Hobonichi Techo for 2019 and paid ¥626 (~$5.50; £4.40; €4.90) plus import fees etc. This is for 100 sheets, so the price per sheet is substantially more expensive than  what you might be used to from Post-its.

The back of the pack shows that the Magnetic Notes are made in Finland. You also get some advice on how to handle these ‘notes’.

You’ll find a detailed description of the ‘magnetic’ notes in my video.

Despite the name they are basically some sort of foil. Writing on them with pencil is good, but using ballpoint pens or fountain pens is, in my opinion, not that advisable.

If you want to try them out you don’t need to order them from Japan. Amazon US and Amazon UK sell them, too.

Price: September 2018

Exachange rates: December 2018

2 thoughts on “Neither Magnetic, Nor Paper: Graphite is King on the Magnetic Notes”

  1. Such and interesting alternative to post-it! The advantage may be you don’t have to worry so much about adhesive giving out, but it can be problematic when the surface does not take media equally. Thanks for sharing an interesting find.

  2. Shangching,

    thank you for your comment. I’m quite sure I won’t buy them again. I don’t know whether these notes would stick for a long time or whether they will fall off over time. It seems quite flimsy and in my imagination a bit of wind will move the notes or blow them away.

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