More about Staedtler’s 925 15

Today: a closer look at Staetdler’s handsome 925 15 mechanical pencil. You might remember it from a previous blog post from 2017.

It’s quite affordable and surprisingly light, maybe even too light for some users’ liking. In this video we’ll have a closer look at the 925 15.

Open in YouTube to watch in high resolution.

I bought the 0.3 mm version, so the video is about only covering this version, but this pencil is also available in 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm.

All parts of the pencil have been designed beautifully.

The official price is ¥500 (~$4.40; £3.30; €3.75), but by the time you add shipping from Japan (when you buy from eBay) the price is a bit higher – still not expensive though.

Price and exchange rates: December 2017

2 thoughts on “More about Staedtler’s 925 15”

  1. I hate rubber grips. They get dirty, get scratched, and finally they crumble.

  2. Some of the bad rubberised surfaces become sticky after a few years. Luckily Staedtler seems to use better quality rubber, so I haven’t noticed this problem yet with a Staedtler product.

    The 925 15 has disadvantages for my use, e.g. it is difficult to put in a loop, but I really like the look of this pencil.

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