Nock Kickstarter 4

Just arrived this morning: The Nock Co. Hightower Pen Case in Forest Green/Yellow with Union Jack tag and a Nock Co. Dot Dash Notebook.

Nock Hightower Case and Notebook

Nock Hightower Case (outside) and Notebook

I backed The Pen Addict‘s Kickstarter in January and got the pen case today1. I paid $45 (~£29; €40)2.

Nock Hightower Case (outside) and Notebook. The Noris was not part of the Kickstarter.

Nock Hightower Case (inside) and Notebook. The Noris was not part of the Kickstarter.

Price: January 2015

Exchange rates: June 2015

  1. Funnily enough it was addressed to MEMM, instead of my first name / surname, but I assume I must have messed this up in my Kickstarter settings. []
  2. I have since stopped buying expensive stationery (>£10) for more than one reason. I might even sell some of my more expensive stationery, but I still have some stuff coming in I ordered in the past, plus there is still a lot of expensive stationery I bought recently that I want to write about. []

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4 thoughts on “Nock Kickstarter

  • John the Monkey

    It looks like an interesting format (whilst I love my Nomadic PE-10, I always think that if it was slightly wider (enough to fit a notebook) it would be more useful. Muji doodle pads do fit, apparently, and I always mean to pick one up for testing 🙂

  • Matthias Post author

    John, thank you for your comment. The Nomadic PE-10 is a very good looking case (on the photos I’ve seen). I guess the PE-10 and the Nock Hightower are great for retractable pens and pens with caps, but not so great for pencils (unless you put a cap on). I do like Muji’s pads, but am not sure which ones are Muji’s doodle pads. I should try to find out.

  • John the Monkey

    Matthias, the pads I’m thinking of are in Leigh Reyes’ review of the PE-10;

    I think they’re a bit like a shopping list pad, but with plain paper. It looks like they may have been discontinued since Leigh’s review though (no sign on Muji’s website, at least) I may make one myself with Graf-It dot grid paper.

  • Matthias Post author

    Thanks for the link.
    They do look familiar (maybe from seeing them in store) but I never bought one. If the squares on the cover are on the sheets then I wonder what purpose they are for.