Bleistift, or should I say Bleistift’s alternative address, http://pencil.land has its first subdomain: turo.pencil.land

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Well, ok, it is actually the second subdomain. For a day or so there was http://penciltalk.pencil.land, a mirror of Pencil Talk – after Pencil Talk went offline I put a mirror up so that the content is still available on the web. I did ask whether that’s ok, but put the mirror up before I got an answer.


It turned out that Stephen, the man behind Pencil Talk, who enriched all our lives with so many exciting pencil posts prefers that there’s no mirror, so at the moment I’m still hoping that Pencil Talk will come back one day in the future and pencil fans are still using archive.org to access his old blog posts.

Turo Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Turo.pencil.land is the site of a former student of mine who, as a hobby, creates amazing pencil drawings linked to popular culture.

Turo Mongol 480

…and that’s not the only pencil link. As he’s originally from Venezuela his drawings (so far) have been created using the Mongol 480, which he says is hugely popular in Venezuela. I got some Mongols from him: the round version (480), which is made in Venezuela. Nice!!!

3 thoughts on “turo.pencil.land”

  1. I too have had the honor of encountering the Venezuelan Mongol 480s recently 🙂 They are amazing, they have that old-fashioned Mongol logo down pat too!

  2. Whatever happened to Pencil Talk?
    Why did it end?
    My blog reading list shows up with a link to its Final Post but when I click on it, it directs me to nothing.

  3. Sola, they are great. I do normally prefer hexagonal though, and my friend told me that they’re all round. He said in Venezuela people associate hexagonal pencils with inferior pencils.
    Would be great to compare this one to the other Mongol still around, the Mongol 482 that’s being sold in the Philippines.

    Pedro, in his last post Stephen wrote “The circumstances and costs of running an independent website have changed since 2005, and these are real factors, but in the end, the timing is right for this decision.” This decision is referring to the blog closing down. The link in the reading list doesn’t work because all the content has been (re)moved.

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