Alessi Kastor

I’m sorry for not posting more often. The problem is that I have lots of ideas, but often don’t find the time to prepare the blog posts, especially the photos ((…when I do find the time the light is often not good enough to take usable photos). Nevertheless, I’ll keep trying to write at least four blog posts a month.


Just to prove for now that this blog isn’t dead: a photo of an Alessi sharpener in the shape of a beaver. I had a look and the sharpener inside looked like a Staedtler 510 10, which has been previously shown in this blog post. The Alessi Kastor retails for £37 (~$58; €44).


PS: No, I didn’t buy one.

Notice the Staedtler Noris on the packaging.
Notice the Staedtler Noris on the packaging.

Price and exchanges rates: September 2013

2 thoughts on “Alessi Kastor”

  1. I was wondering where the name is from. I could only think of Castor and Pollux, but couldn’t think of a link to wood or beavers. Thanks for pointing this out. Now that I know it’s French for beaver I saw that it’s also the Italian word for beaver (Alessi is Italian).

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