Banditapple Carnet Samples

Arnie, the guy behind Banditapple, just sent me a message telling me that he wants more people around the world to write at least once on his Banditapple Carnets – so he is currently giving away free samples worldwide to anyone who requests them – for a $3 postage contribution.

If you want to request a sample (limited time only) please fill in this request form.

Banditapple 2G

5 thoughts on “Banditapple Carnet Samples”

  1. My Banditapple Carnet arrived last week, and I have to say that I am most impressed with the quality of the paper and how well it coped with even the wettest of fountain pens. Thank you so much for link and also for your very informative blog.

  2. I really like them (hope you like them, too) and which they’d be available in shops or at least online stores in the UK…

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