I might have mentioned this before: my father was a joiner and this meant that he used a lot of pencils – and because he used so many my mother tried, if possible, to get cheap pencils. This pencil was one of these. I saw it last time I visited her in Germany and took it back with me, along with a few other pens I will write about another time.

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When you look at it you realise that it is from a time when pencils were less of a commodity and more of something the manufacturer was proud of. This specific specimen must have been deemed to be of so poor quality that the logo was sanded out and that it was stamped “SECONDS”.



Needless to say that there is nothing really wrong with this pencil and that it is miles better than the no name pencils you get in many supermarkets. It is just from a time long gone, when there were more manufacturers who were proud of their products and more consumers who paid what the products were worth.

The logo has been sanded out


7 thoughts on “Seconds”

  1. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I cannot identify the original logo. The colour of the logo was probably gold and the logo/writing was only printed/stamped on the last few centimetres of the pencil, not in the middle.

  2. Thank for your kind comments.

    Stationery Traffic, It could be one, but I am not sure. I should check whether I can find more next time I go to my home town. Maybe some not been sanded that well.

    Palimpsest, I agree with you 100%. The cracks from the stamping process make the pencil even nicer and give the stamping process are even more old-fashioned feel.

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