Birds in our garden (2)

A male blackbird feeding a fledgling, photographed by my wife.

One of the blackbirds even knows how to let us know that they want more food on the bird table: if there is no food left he will fly to the roof of the bird table, land and then fly towards us when we are near the window or in the garden.

2 thoughts on “Birds in our garden (2)”

  1. That really is a great picture. I’m wondering how close she got vs. using the camera zoom: seems like the camera must have a nice optical zoom. Thanks for posting it!

  2. Sean, thanks for your comment. The birds were about 4-5 yards away and we were behind our kitchen window. The equivalent of the lens’s longest focal length for 135 film would be about 600mm, so it is quite nice. Even better is that so many birds chose our garden as their home, I think even more than last year 🙂

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