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A few weeks ago I wrote about the Eco Bridge Paper Pencils. I want to mention a few other things that are being sold in the same shop sell. The items are not exactly cheap, so it is unlikely that I will buy them. This means I cannot write a proper review, but it would be a shame to leave these items unmentioned, as they are unusual and, for lack of a better word, interesting.

If I had to describe the shop I would say it is a shop full of random quirky things aimed at arty, Apple using yuppies. Things are not cheap, but it will be difficult to find them somewhere else. It is a kind of hip and cool version of Manufactum.

Continuing from the Eco Bridge Paper Pencils, along the Korean stationery theme, they also sell Korean ‘notebooks’ (actually what I would call exercise books). They look nice and are labelled in French. Unfortunately importing them from Korea made them cost five to ten times the price of a similar (plain looking) notebook from Europe. If you want a really nice, thin notebook this might be it.

Another product imported from East Asia is a set of 36 squary, coloured pencils from Japan. It retails for £60 and is part of the Düller range. The Düller range also includes a pen designed by Dietrich Lubs, who is featured in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The coloured pencil set is designed by Naori Miyazaki. Unfortunately I was not able to find out more about her [1]I assume it is a female name, except that she is not featured in the Museum of Modern Art. The MoMA online shop does however sell a clock designed by her. Back to the pencil set. There is some rather strange text in German written on this pencil box about combining German taste and Japanese handiness, which looks instantly East Asian because of the character spacing. In different online stores in the UK and Australia the price of this pencil set can vary dramatically. I thought I saw it in an American online store for $96, but I was not able to find it any more to confirm this price.

Also for sale are fairly big animal shaped erasers and Penguin pencils.

You can find more information about the Penguin pencils at penciltalk.

The Lamy 2000 and other products by its designer can also be found in the Museum of Modern Art.


1 I assume it is a female name

4 thoughts on “More East Asian stationery”

  1. Thank you for the interesting post. The shop sounds interesting, if expensive. I learned via your link that Dietrich Lubs is the designer of the famous Braun calculator! That fountain pen is suddenly quite appealing, though I’d rather have an original calculator!

    I also noticed that Düller has a website:

    It shows a number of interesting items including collaborations with Staedtler.

  2. Thank you from me as well! I am happy to see how many different aspects you have connected in it.

    I came across the Düller coloured pencil set in the current issue of the Stationery Magazine and was very impressed. – As a big fan of the old Braun products I take every opportunity to look at them. In September, the “Museum für angewandte Kunst” in Frankfurt/Main will hold an exhibition about Dieter Rams, one of the most famous German designers. He has coined the Braun design and has also worked on the design of the calculator. Apropos Braun calculator: Not only one of the first versions of the calculator on the Apple iPhone is suprisingly similar to the one from Braun.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Stephen, I did not come across the Düller website before. Thank you for the link! About Dietrich Lubs: strangely enough, his calculator does not look familiar for me, but his clock does look very familiar. All his products I have seen so far look really good.

    The Düller / Staedtler stationery looks great (well except the text markers maybe). Too bad they only make pens, not mechanical pencil, as the price is even affordable.

    Gunther, which stationery magazine is that? Thank you for the information about the exhibition and the link to the FAZ article.

  4. memm, you’re welcome.

    The “Stationery Magazine” is a yearly publication in which manufacturers and retailers can present themselves. You can get an impression of Vol. 1 at pencil talk and all volumes at Amazon Japan.

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