Glocken Bleistift

Mail Ordering Pencils in the 1930s – from a Specialist Pencil Shop 3

We’ve all been in this situation: It’s a Saturday afternoon, at around tea time1, in 1933. Your pen pal just told you about those exciting new pencil and you want to get your hands on them.

Who ya gonna call?

Pencil mail order!

Specialist pencil shops and even mail orders have been around for a long time. Here’s a photo of a little package from “Bleistift-Versand” (=Pencil Mail Order) S. Steinhauser from the time of the Weimar Republic2.

The photos were sent to me by reader and stamp collector Roman who got his hands on this early pencil parcel. If you are interested in buying these pencils from him please leave him a comment under this blog post.

You can read more about Glocken pencils at Lexikaliker.

  1. Copyright: Monty Python – Life of Brian []
  2. The stamps are from 1933, I am not sure for how many years they were valid. []