My Sapelo Penvelope

You might have seen this already on my Instagram account, but I thought I also post this picture here, too: Last week I got my Sapelo Penvelope from The Pen Addict’s 2017 Kickstarter.

It looks absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunately customs weren’t kind (again), so after adding postage, fees etc, the $30 Sapelo was $62 by the time it landed on my door.

Other had similar fees to pay:

Good news is that I am now the proud owner of both The Pen Addict Kickstarter cases.

Here’s a reminder that the first one (300 were made) was nearly as good looking as the new one:

Nock Hightower Case and Notebook
Nock Hightower Case (outside) and Notebook. The Noris was not part of the Kickstarter.


Back to the topic of customs fees in the UK: Let’s see how much my 2018 Hobonichi will cost in the end. I will know soon.

8 thoughts on “My Sapelo Penvelope”

  1. That color contrast is gorgeous! I am sorry, though, that you need to pay customs. I have been lucky that none of the stationary purchases from vendors abroad has been subjected to customs duty; however, my care packages to Germany are usually detained. Some were levied customs and some merely disappeared.
    Let’s hope your Hobonichi will not suffer the same fate. What will you order?

  2. Oh, when I was still in Germany it was very rare that I had to pay customs. I hope you can claim for there lost parcels from the postal service.
    About the Hobonichi: I was extremely tempted to order the A5 version. I am sure the additional space would make me use it more and in a different way. The way I use my current A6 one makes me think that the bigger A6 size wouldn’t be a problem either, transportation wise – but I still ordered the A6 version and hope I won’t regret it.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your new ones on your blog.

  3. Unfortunately I sent those packages via non-trackable airmail. The most ridiculous incident was when my friend in München had to pay customs on her birthday package, even though I had marked it as “gift” on the custom declaration. I started to think Deutche Post has me on their wanted list 😉
    I am torn between A5 and A6. I had a failed attempt in using A5 two years ago, but I do appreciate the extra space. To make this mix even more complicated, I am eyeing on the new Weeks Mega, thinking I would use it for work and using the extra note pages for meeting notes and such. Anyway, usual first world problem!

  4. Yeah, I got stung by customs on mine too. Seems to have been a lot of them judging by the comments I’ve seen online.

    I’ve been using the first kickstarter Hightower in my weekend bag for a couple of years and it’s held up with zero damage. I hope for the same from the Sapelo.

  5. Shangching, I also had to pay fees on a gift in the past. It was something Sean sent.. 8( I actually tried to change my order to A5, but the Hobonichi staff said it is too late. Well, maybe next year…
    Please let us know how the Weeks Mega works for you!

    Jonathan, sorry they caught you, too. The Sapelo seems very well made and the material seems even thicker (I might be wrong), so I hope it will last a long time.

  6. I am having an unusual planner dilemma this year, with too many choices! About a month ago, I purchased a Midori MD Diary as a daily planner so now, I am debating on which weekly I should get. The one I am eyeing on is called Brownie, as seen here: It is similar to Hobonichi Weeks but with a different format. Allegedly, the paper for the planner is exquisite. Total Goldilocks problem!

  7. I haven’t heard about the Brownie, but it looks amazing! Did you come to a conclusion regarding which one to get?

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