My Sapelo Penvelope 4

You might have seen this already on my Instagram account, but I thought I also post this picture here, too: Last week I got my Sapelo Penvelope from The Pen Addict’s 2017 Kickstarter.

It looks absolutely beautiful.

Unfortunately customs weren’t kind (again), so after adding postage, fees etc, the $30 Sapelo was $62 by the time it landed on my door.

Other had similar fees to pay:

Good news is that I am now the proud owner of both The Pen Addict Kickstarter cases.

Here’s a reminder that the first one (300 were made) was nearly as good looking as the new one:

Nock Hightower Case and Notebook

Nock Hightower Case (outside) and Notebook. The Noris was not part of the Kickstarter.


Back to the topic of customs fees in the UK: Let’s see how much my 2018 Hobonichi will cost in the end. I will know soon.

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4 thoughts on “My Sapelo Penvelope

  • Shangching

    That color contrast is gorgeous! I am sorry, though, that you need to pay customs. I have been lucky that none of the stationary purchases from vendors abroad has been subjected to customs duty; however, my care packages to Germany are usually detained. Some were levied customs and some merely disappeared.
    Let’s hope your Hobonichi will not suffer the same fate. What will you order?

  • Matthias

    Oh, when I was still in Germany it was very rare that I had to pay customs. I hope you can claim for there lost parcels from the postal service.
    About the Hobonichi: I was extremely tempted to order the A5 version. I am sure the additional space would make me use it more and in a different way. The way I use my current A6 one makes me think that the bigger A6 size wouldn’t be a problem either, transportation wise – but I still ordered the A6 version and hope I won’t regret it.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your new ones on your blog.

  • Shangching

    Unfortunately I sent those packages via non-trackable airmail. The most ridiculous incident was when my friend in München had to pay customs on her birthday package, even though I had marked it as “gift” on the custom declaration. I started to think Deutche Post has me on their wanted list 😉
    I am torn between A5 and A6. I had a failed attempt in using A5 two years ago, but I do appreciate the extra space. To make this mix even more complicated, I am eyeing on the new Weeks Mega, thinking I would use it for work and using the extra note pages for meeting notes and such. Anyway, usual first world problem!

  • Jonathan

    Yeah, I got stung by customs on mine too. Seems to have been a lot of them judging by the comments I’ve seen online.

    I’ve been using the first kickstarter Hightower in my weekend bag for a couple of years and it’s held up with zero damage. I hope for the same from the Sapelo.