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There are a few small things I want to mention that all didn’t make it into their own blog posts.

Pencil Museum

Last Sunday Sue Perkins was asking BBC Radio 2 listeners about their worst Sunday activities and gave visiting a pencil museum as an example ? (about 7 minutes into recording I linked to). Well, I enjoyed my visit to the pencil museum very much …and I guess the listeners, too, as none of them mentioned visiting the pencil museum as their worst Sunday activity.

Postcard Campaign

This morning our friend Phoebe Smith, editor of Wanderlust magazine, was on BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting House programme (about 41 minutes into recording I linked to), having a look at the postcards Radio 4 has received as part of their campaign to revive the use of postcards. I think the postcard campaign is a great idea, especially with the postcard having many friends in the stationery community, such as East…West…Everywhere’s Shangching, Banditapple’s Arnie and many more.


When searching on Google for something rather unrelated this morning I came across Pencil+, an upcoming Kickstarter. I thought I share the link with you, but I don’t have any further information (price, start date, …) and have not been in contact with the people behind the pencil.

Pencil+ (Image © Pencil+)

I believe that the use of pencil+’s image shown in this blog post falls under “fair dealing” as described by the UK Copyright service.

3 thoughts on “Worst pencil museum / Postcards / Pencil+”

  1. I enjoyed the pencil museum too (as did my daughter) but Mrs Monkey was less impressed, I have to say!

    If you fill out the quiz you’re given on entry, and hand it in at the end, you’re given a gift – a choice of a Derwent pin or a pencil – you may also be complimented on your drawing of a sheep, if you did one 🙂

  2. Oh, when was that?
    I got a pencil museum pencil. There were also supposed to be customised pencils with whatever you wanted printed on, but the machine was broken when I was there.

  3. Hi Mathias,

    We visited this year, at the start of August. The souvenir pencils we received were doing double duty as our museum tickets – they’re rebranded Graphics, with the matt black finish, and red “wave” below the glossy finished dip. They have a silver imprint, which, from the point to dip reads “MADE IN BRITAIN DERWENT PENCIL MUSEUM HB”.

    My daughter and I both liked the Derwent Pins, so we didn’t see the post-quiz pencils 🙂

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