Designing a 3D printed pen

…just a quick follow up to yesterday’s blog post about Staedtler’s 3D-printed pen.

Staedtler’s app needed to design the 3D printed pen is (currenlty) only available for the iPad. When I got my hand on an iPad another problem came up. You can only get Staedtler’s app from the German Apple App Store. I did manage to get access to the German App Store, but it wasn’t not easy, so I thought I make a quick video of how the process of choosing/designing your pen looks like – for those unable to try it out themselves.

Here’s a look at ‘designing’ a Fusion-Line pen.

In the YouTube comments Julie Paradise pointed out that the difference between the  M and the A (beginner) nibs is that A nibs

…have the tipping of the nib shaped differently, more “forgiving” to rotating the pen while writing instead of having a smaller “sweet spot”.

Here’s a look at ‘designing’ an Icon-Line pen.

I guess we’ll see many more 3D printed pens in the future. As a start in this new era Staedtler’s Fusion and Icon-Line seem rather good.

2 thoughts on “Designing a 3D printed pen”

  1. Julie Paradise

    Dear memm,

    on the great blog The Pelikan’s Perch you can find a much more detailed list of fountain pen nib sizes + explanations. I happened to come across this just today.

    Keep up your great work, I love it when there is a new post, I am reading your blog for quite a while now! Thank you!

  2. Thank you very much. That’s a great blog post. I think I’ve seen something similar on Ruettinger Web, but I think it wasn’t as exhaustive.
    I’m happy you like Bleistift. Thanks.

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