Happy Birthday…

Happy Birthday Mars plastic eraser!

Mars plastic

You’ve helped us out of our misery for 50 years.

To celebrate this occasion there’s an anniversary edition

  • of the eraser (Art. no. 526 50BK3A)
  • of the single hole sharpener (Art. no. 510 10 PR1)
  • and of the double hole sharpener (Art. no. 510 20 PR1) …among others.

To the next 50 years!

I’d like to thank Mr Schindler from Staedtler for sending me the free samples that can be seen in the picture.

You can read more about the wedge sharpener in this blog post and more about the the stick version of the Mars plastic in this blog post.


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…”

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  3. Staedtler has been bringing out some cool never stuff since the Wopex debuted! This is excellent! Are these an anodized version of the regular metal, or are these brass?

  4. These are superb, I’m quite fond of my Staedtler Graphite sharpener, always in my top shirt pocket. I’ll be keeping an eye out in stores for that double hole sharpener

  5. Johnny, Gunther already answered your question – much quicker than me. The colour looks a bit like brass, bit you can see it’s not brass because the surface doesn’t look smooth. Instead it looks similar to items painted with hammer paint.

    TJ, funnily enough I hardly have find a use for the big opening sharpeners.

    Gunther, thank you for these details.

  6. I haven’t seen them yet in the UK, but I assume they are already available in some markets.

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