Handicraft with Bleistift IV – epic fail 7

A fake Noris. They didn't try very hard, but I'm sure many customers who are not so familir with pencils will buy this pencil because of the familiar colours and patterns.

A fake Noris. The company behind it didn’t try very hard, but I’m sure many customers who are not so familiar with pencils will buy this pencil because of the familiar colours and patterns. It even features a black strip between two yellow sides.

Long time readers might remember my blog post about the Reynolds 432 and the Nataraj 621, both of which look pretty much like a Staedtler Tradition. There are also countless Staedtler Noris copies – previously I’ve mentioned the Fox Essentials. Recently, I’ve come across a quite cheeky copy of the Noris, when one of my students was using it in class. I call it a cheeky copy, because it features a red cap, just like the original Noris …but the copied pencil’s cap is rather ugly in compared to the original.

Noris eco in a Leuchtturm Loop

The Noris eco is my daily pencil. The Leuchtturm Loop has been reused from a previous diary, thanks to a paper riveter.

A few weeks later I also finally got my hand on a Noris eco. I planned to get one from Cult Pens when I order from them again, but then I saw the Noris eco in WH Smith, where they sell for 85p (~$1.40; €1.05) each. I also had a look at my local Ryman, but they didn’t sell them there, even though they sell them in their official eBay outlet1.

Top: Noris eco – Bottom: Wopex 2H

The lovely Noris eco is now my daily pen in my diary’s loop.

One thing I noticed: the green colour of the Noris eco seems virtually identical to the Wopex in 2H.

Top: Noris eco - Bottom: Wopex 2H

Top: Noris eco – Bottom: Wopex 2H

While the Noris has a more complicated pattern2, the Noris eco has a simpler pattern3. I assume this is because it’s not so easy to extrude a thin black strip precisely over a corner.

Now, if the Noris eco is just a green Wopex with black strips and if there are fake Noris (plural: Norises?) anyway, why not make your own (fake?) version from a yellow Wopex?

Yellow Wopex and a Noris

I’ve only ever seen the yellow Wopex in Asda and on Ebay. I assume the ones on eBay were bought in Asda, where they are very cheap.

To increase my chances of getting acceptable looking black strips on the pencil I decided to cover the areas not to be painted with a tape.

The taped Wopex

The taped Wopex. The tape dispenser in the background is an old Bakelite model.

I then used a permanent marker to paint the Wopex. As you can see it all went belly up. Somehow the tape didn’t stick well and the lines from the black marker were not very straight …so I didn’t bother to do the thin strips carefully either. If you want to try it and are successful: Try to do the red cap using nail polish. Pencil Revolution has further instructions.

Epic fail!

Epic fail!


Price and exchange rates: January 2014

I’d like to thank Kamil Musial for showing me the “Stationery” Staedtler Noris copy.

  1. It’s difficult to find there, though – they spell Staedtler wrong, even though they do sometimes get the spelling right, e.g. for the Staedtler Traditional [sic] pencil. []
  2. The six sides of the hexagonal Noris are painted like this:
    black, yellow (thin black strip) yellow, black, yellow (thin black strip) yellow. []
  3. The six sides of the Noris eco are painted like this:
    black, green, black, green, black, green. []

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7 thoughts on “Handicraft with Bleistift IV – epic fail

  • Johnny

    That’s still a great idea. Would “frog tape” work? http://frogtape.com/ 🙂

    I didn’t know they put erasers on any of the Wopex pencils in Europe — excellent! We’ve finally got the HB with erasers in the US. They are the same green as the 2H in Europe, with silver ferrules and white erasers. Very attractive, though I thought we’d get the yellow ones to “match” what so many people use in these parts.

  • Matthias Post author

    Johnny, I never heard of frog tape before, but it looks promising. I guess it would be nice to use it on a yellow Wopex, then use some black matt Revell paint for the strips and maybe round of the end of the pencil, before painting a red cap on. 8^) Something to keep in mind for a less busy time.

    The Noris eco is quite new. I assume it’s the first Wopex with eraser in Europe, but who knows – there might be special Wopexes in other countries – like the yellow Wopex, which (in the UK only) seems to be available in Asda. When I was in Staedtler’s shop in Nuremberg there wasn’t any Wopex with an eraser either.
    Regarding a yellow Wopex with eraser for the USA, Lexikaliker once showed one ( http://www.lexikaliker.de/2012/06/gelb-20/ ). It was supposed to be for the American and British market, but I have never seen this version with an eraser in the UK. Have you seen it in shops in the USA?

  • Johnny

    The yellow Wopex with the pink eraser is gorgeous! I’ve never seen one ever, except for on Gunther’s blog. I would be very happy to send you some of the eraser-topped Wopexen, Matthias. The green is a little…brighter than previous models. The eraser plays nicely with the weight of the pencil. 🙂

  • Matthias

    John the Monkey, I guess the rustic, handcrafted look might be good looking if the lines are drawn slowly, to get a line that’s evenly wiggly.. Unfortunately that’s not the case here 8^(

    Johnny, I’d love to try the American Wopex 8^) It would be great to do a Wopex swap 8^)