Pelikan Wall Calendar

What a nice surprise when I came home yesterday: I got Pelikan’s huge wall calender for 2014.

October's pen and the calendar sheet on the left (image © Pelikan)

October’s pen and the calendar sheet on the left (image © Pelikan)

You get one for posting a photo on Pelikan’s Facebook page (for more details follow the link at the end of this blog post). I think there are still lots of calendars left. They have 500 to give away, but when I had a look at the submitted pictures this morning there were less than 100. If you want1 one of these calendars go to this page.

  1. You don’t need a Facebook account to take part, my wife took part and she doesn’t have a Facebook account – but you might need someone with a Facebook account to access the page, I’m not sure about that. []

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