Faber-Castell since 1761

You probably read Sean’s and Gunther’s blog posts about the “Faber-Castell since 1761” book, covering Faber-Castell and its history on more than 500 pages [1]using more than 3kg of paper.

Good news if you were thinking of buying this book: Amazon UK is selling it for £38.20 at the moment – quite a bit cheaper than the price you pay in Germany.



1 using more than 3kg of paper

2 thoughts on “Faber-Castell since 1761”

  1. My understanding, from what Sean (Contrapuntalism) said, is that there is an English version but not many of the English books have been printed. Maybe they are for FC’s business partners. The good news is that it is translated. Maybe, if the German edition sells well, there is a chance of the English edition getting published – but this is pure speculation.

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