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Staedtler introduced a digital pen a while ago. I never got excited about it and have seen a similar looking digital pen in Aldi in the UK. It looked so similar that I was wondering whether they were the same and whether Staedtler just relabelled an OEM product.

Their new digital product might be more interesting, though I don’t have any further information yet1. It’s a digital pencil‽2 You can see some picture at their Initium site. You’ll also find pictures of their new fountain pens there.


  1. I asked Staedtler for further information and will let you know if I get a reply. []
  2. Two ideas so far: It could either just be a pencil similar to Faber-Castell’s Perfect Pencil with a conductive end, to be used on tablets and phones, or, less likely, it could be something similar to Staedtler’s existing digital pen. []

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5 thoughts on “Digital pencil

  • Kevin

    What would be the difference between a digital pen and a digital pencil in terms of it’s use on a tablet. I’m scratching my analogue head on this one.

  • Gunther

    Kevin, this device is not meant for the use on a tablet but on paper. When this digital pen is used the position of its tip is recorded so that the tracks made by the user can be imported e.g. as a bitmap and edited later. Besides that, it is also possible to use it as some kind of pointing device.

  • Matthias Post author

    Just to clarify, my understanding is that Staedtler’s pencil is just a pencil with a conductive end that can be used as a stylus. I probably shouldn’t have called it a “digital pencil” in this blog post, but I chose that because Staedtler described it as a pencil that “bridges the gap between the analogue and the digital world“. Staedtler showed this pencil together with a tablet, this could have meant all sorts of things, see the speculation in the blog post. I wouldn’t have been too surprised if there had been an announcement that there’ll be an official “The Pencil App”…
    The product described by Gunther is Staedtler’s digital pen.

  • Gunther

    Oops! Sorry for confusing these implements. – Matthias, I assume that you are referring to “The Pencil”. This is a special WOPEX pencil with an end suitable for operating a touch screen.

    And thank you for the interrobang 🙂