Rhodia on offer

Possibly of interest if you live in the UK [1]so no exchange rates this time.

I was just looking at the Belgian Atoma notebooks at Craft & Party Direct’s web site when I noticed that they sell the Rhodia ePure notebook covers for £1. The covers even come with a pad. I think I won’t order one as I alredy bought one at Meriful (paying much more). They also have other items on offer, like Rhodia pencils for 25p each.


Edit: Unfortunately Koralatov had a bad experience with this mail order. I haven’t ordered from them, so cannot comment. If you have ordered from them in the past, what was your experience?

I would like to thank Kent for the Munhwa Deojon you can see on the photo.


1 so no exchange rates this time

5 thoughts on “Rhodia on offer”

  1. I’ve ordered from Craft & Party Direct twice in the past, and had a dreadful experience both times. The first time, it took almost three weeks — and several phone-calls to the number recorded in the WHOIS database — before I got my order. (And when it did arrive, it was atrociously packed and most of the spirals in the notebooks were bent badly.)

    I thought perhaps I’d just had a bad experience the first time, and ordered again several months later. No luck; I had almost as bad an experience the second time around.

  2. PS: Forgot to add, a friend also ordered at the same time as I placed my second order, and had the same problems that I did. This was some time ago, though, so perhaps they’ve changed since.

  3. Oh, that’s not nice. If I knew I wouldn’t have written the original blog post. I should edit it to make people aware of our comments.
    What a shame – they should realise that they’ll only get repeat offers if the provide a good service.

  4. Sad to say that I also ordered from Craft & Party Direct. After two weeks of not receiving my items, I contacted the owner (had to find his details via WHOIS), and I got a cheque for the items he did not have in stock that I ordered. No warning at time of ordering or communication thereafter.

    Good prices, but beware the cost of cheap…

  5. Iain, thanks for your additional warning. I now ordered an Atoma notebook from isb.be after buying an Atoma clone in the local Staples store.
    Good you got your money back in the end.

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