The yellow Wopex

As a complement to Lexikaliker’s yellow Wopex, here a photo of the yellow Wopex blister pack available in the UK. I bought this pack of five Wopex plus eraser and sharpener  this April for £2.99 [1]plus 90p shipping (~$4.69; €3.70). Unfortnately I haven’t seen the eraser-tipped version from Lexikaliker’s blog post yet, but I will definitely buy it if I ever see it.

East…West…Everywhere wrote a blog post about the green version, available in the USA, that comes with Staedtler-made eraser caps. These eraser caps are basically a white version of the eraser caps that are quite common in North-America [2]Some pencils in North America come with these erasers attached to them, the Magic Writer for example.  You can also spot them fairly often in American TV shows, e.g. in Two And A Half Men..

Price: April 2012
Exchange rates: June 2012


1 plus 90p shipping
2 Some pencils in North America come with these erasers attached to them, the Magic Writer for example.  You can also spot them fairly often in American TV shows, e.g. in Two And A Half Men.

9 thoughts on “The yellow Wopex”

  1. Ooh.. a yellow one! I still have no luck finding Wopex outside of university stores. The eraser topper does break easily.. The one I have been using has a side slit, so very soon, it will cease to be a topper.

  2. Thank you for showing this set. Is the surface of these pencils a little smoother too? – I wish they would add a better sharpener to this great pencil and eraser …

  3. Thank you for your your comments.

    Shangching, what a shame that the eraser topper breaks easily. Would you say the quality of the Staedtler eraser topper is worse than the quality of the similar looking colourful eraser toppers from other companies – or do others break easily, too?

    Gunther, yes, my yellow Wopex (If that is the plural, I don’t think the plural should be Wopeces) are slightly smother, too. I like the silver print on the standard Wopex. The black print on the yellow Wopex is not as good as the black print on the standard Wopex. I wonder whether this is to save money or because of the different surface.
    Do you know what the “I” is supposed to mean or indicate? I assume it is a Roman numeral, not a Latin letter.

  4. These eraser toppers are my first. When I compare the Staedtler one with the colorful toppers by touch, they feel about the same in thickness. In fact, Staedtler ones are a bit softer in touch. Compare to the regular bar shaped Staedtler eraser, the topper is definitely more lithe and less sturdy,.

  5. Wopexen?

    So many varieties! I would imagine that Staedtler would be concerned about introducing too many product versions, diminishing the brand identity, and confusing consumers.

    Some while ago, I was told by Staedtler Canada that the eraser caps on the green North American version were added in response to a request of a large retailer.

  6. Funny how the yellow Wopex is marketed in Europe, where yellow pencils are quite rare, as opposed to the green Wopex in the USA where the yellow is ubiquitous and and a yellow Wopex in America would therefore assume the status of a stock school issue yellow pencil. I wonder if either of these variants will be available in Australia at some time.

  7. Shangching, the ones I know, not by Staedtler, seem to be quite rough. I wonder whether Staedtler’s eraser just has the wrong consistency for this shape, that’s why I asked whether others slit/break easily, too.

    Stephen, Wopexen, hmm.. I wonder whether Staedtler has an official answer to the question what the plural of Wopex is….
    About the different varieties. There were many colours available in the “Staedtler Welt” shop in Nuremberg (“Wopex Trendlinien”). I was promised to get updated if there are new developments, but somehow that didn’t work out and they forgot. My guess would be that Staedtler sees the Wopex as product that can be sold in many colours to increase sales. They don’t seem to want to establish a unique look for the brand at this time – unlike with the Noris or the Mars Lumograph.
    If the eraser caps were added in response to a request of a large retailer there might be a chance that they disappear, now that there is the eraser-tipped version shown in Lexikaliker’s blog….
    Since the Wopex is very new they might also just like to experiment to see which markets like what version of this product most…

    Kevin, I hope so. A while ago Staedtler advertised the Wopex in HongKong. Since parts of Asia and Oceania are sometimes seen as one region for marketing purposes I guess that’s good news for Australia. Maybe Australia will even get their own version to fit local/regional taste… If there are any unusual Wopex sightings please tell…

  8. Our national sporting colours are green and gold (yellow) so maybe Staedtler will give us a 1/2 US (green) and 1/2 Europe (yellow) striped pencil. That would be nice.

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