I bought these erasers when I was in Germany over Easter.

The manufacturers of both erasers like to emphasise that the erasers are phthalate-free. A while ago plasticisers were a big topic in the news in Germany. I think there might have been a scandal regarding plasticisers in toys – or maybe this started another way. Both erasers were €0.79 (~ $1; £0.63).

Prices: April 2012

Exchange rates: May 2012

8 thoughts on “Phthalate-free”

  1. I thought the Läufer’s unusual shape isn’t very easy to see on the photo, so I’m quite happy you noticed it despite the less than optimal photo. The Läufer performs well, certainly above average. I still prefer the dust-free erasers, but that’s just my personal preference.

    Here’s another photo (not great, like most camera-phone shots) where the shape is easier to recognise:

  2. Thanks for the extra photo. My favorite is still the Pilot Foam, but I like the shape of this one — kind of like a miniature chalk/whiteboard eraser without the eraser part. 🙂 I wonder if those side-channels mightn’t help create angles to use as it wears.

  3. Regarding the Pilot Foam: I can’t speak for other countries but in Germany the Pilot Foam is no longer available. It’s a pity because it was (and is) a great eraser.

  4. I worked in a lab in 1990 and even back then, I recall conversations about the health effects of plasiticisers used in toys and other common objects. I am amazed it has taken this long for something to be done about it.

    Nice erasers BTW – I doubt they’ll be in my shops any time soon, though.

  5. “kind of like a miniature chalk/whiteboard eraser without the eraser part”
    You nailed it! (I have to find me one of those!)

  6. Sean and Gunther, the shape is quite good, easy to hold, but also good for fine(r) erasing.
    I thought I bought some Pilot foam erasers when I was in Shanghai over Christmas, but I should check again, maybe they are just looking similar…

    Stationery Traffic, about plasticisers – they have been a topic in Germany on and off, but (I think) they have been big in the media again, one or two years ago. Lexikaliker would probably know more about this. I wish there was a better choice of erasers in shops here. Some small shops are not bad – and I have seen some nice erasers and sharpeners in chain stores like WH Smith, too, but usually you only get no name stuff…. 8^(

    John, ‘Saunders USA’ seems to be the official distributor for North America… I think Läufer was bought by a French company which belongs to BIC, so even without ‘Saunders USA’, there’s a slim chance their products are available in other countries as well.

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