4 thoughts on “Pencil-sharpener-fan”

  1. Thank you for sharing the links! The pencil-sharpener-fan is funny 🙂 I have enjoyed the hot metal typesetting video tutorial too but I was surprised that they have used wood type only. – If I am not mistaken the pencil in the video is a LYRA Art Design pencil but the makers definitely deserve a better one.

  2. Good point that they used wood type. I wonder whether that is because type that big is not easily available as metal type (metal type sorts?) or whether the polytechnic these students are from just didn’t have big sorts made of metal…

  3. Very enjoyable videos, thank you for sharing!

    Gunter: I was surprised to hear Lyra Art Design 669 is not desirable, so I’m curious what’s your impression on them. I have one 9B (as hard as 4B or 5B in other brands so it’s still okay for writing) and quite enjoy it, maybe there’s a bit of wax in the formula, the writing feels buttery. Having tried only one pencil so I’m not qualified to judge, but are 669 usually of lower quality than, say, Mars Lumograph 100? Just curious what led to that comment.

  4. Matthias: Yes, type of that size is made from wood because otherwise it would be too heavy.

    Claire: The last time I have used that pencil (which was a few years ago) I was very disappointed – it was scratchy and has crumbled. Maybe the formula has been improved but I don’t feel the need for another test 😉

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