Chung Hwa 6151

I spent Christmas and New Year in Shanghai and saw our old friend, the green Chung Hwa 101, again …on many occasions. I even think that there were more 101s and fewer unidentifiable No Name pencils than in the past. I did however see one specific pencil replacing the 101 in several places were the 101 was previously the only dominant pencil.

The contender that took over some restaurant tables and cashier desks was the Chung Hwa 6151, previously reviewed at pencil talk. The fact that the 6151 comes with an eraser must make it more desirable in many situations – like the one on the photo, where it is used by patrons to order dim sum by marking the desired types and quantities on a menu.

5 thoughts on “Chung Hwa 6151”

  1. Stops all the arguments over how many to purchase…just keep rubbing it out until you get the right answer.

  2. Great to see another Bleistift post! Pink soup / congee thing, hmm, wonder what it was….

    I have one box of 6151 and one box of 101 HB. Both of them write just okay but not great, so I’m surprised to see many commenters on penciltalk actually liking them.

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    Gunther, the stand can also hold toothpicks (next to the pencil) and a clipboard, but I have never seen toothpicks or a clipboard in the stands in this restaurant.

    Stephen, it was very nice.

    Kevin, hehe I think changes to the quantity do happen sometimes, so an eraser is really useful.

    Claire, the bowl at the bottom left is for congee. Very nice – this place has one of the best congees I know. The 6151 and 101 are nice everyday pencils, but I don’t think they can compete with the big boys – and they don’t even want as is obvious from the low price. Saying that I have to add that I have seen mail order shops in Europe that sell these Chung Hwa pencils for a quite high price that puts them in the same price bracket as the top pencils…

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