Disappointed with the Pen Loop

The Pen Loop in the diary provided by my employer.

I recently bought Leuchtturm’s Pen Loop, a pen loop you can affix to any notebook to add a pen loop. A good idea, but I have to say that I am quite disappointed. The loop itself is stitched to a squary pad that is self-adhesive on one side. The problem is that a small ‘tab’ of this pad protrudes into the loop. This tab is self-adhesive, like the pad, which means that pens in the Pen Loop will get in contact with the self-adhesive side and some of the glue will stick to the pens. As a result the pencils I put in the Pen Loop so far got very sticky. I assume this will improve once all the glue has rubbed off to my pencils. The tab is also quite hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if it can scratch the surface of delicate pens. I only used painted pencils [1]General’s Semi-Hex and the AMOS Dixon Ticonderoga so far – no pencils with a natural finish, so I was able to either remove the glue from the paint or sharpen the pencil to remove the ‘glued’ paint.

The gluey tab that makes my pencils sticky...



A great idea, but the execution is lacking.

It would be interesting to know  whether all Pen Loops have this problem or whether it’s a Quality Control issue and the one I bought has been sewed too close to the pad…


1 General’s Semi-Hex and the AMOS Dixon Ticonderoga

5 thoughts on “Disappointed with the Pen Loop”

  1. Thanks for the post; I was thinking of getting a few of these but now I’m going to wait a bit. There must be a ‘Basteln mit dem Lexikaliker’ solution… 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing that detail – to me it could also be a constructional flaw, and I hope it will be corrected to match the high quality of the Leuchtturm notebooks.

    Sean: You have motivated me 😉 I don’t think that it is too difficult. There are elastic ribbons from mixed fabric – maybe a loop from these can be sawn to a piece of duct tape …

  3. Thank you for your comments.

    Sean, I’ll put my hopes Basteln mit dem Lexikaliker for the next diary 🙂 or in a better pen loop…

    Gunther, if it’s constructional there might be simple modifications to fix this, e.g. the adhesive area could just be made smaller not to include the tab, unless the glue is there to hold the loop in place before it is sewn on. The easiest way of fixing this might just be to sew the loop on as far at the end of the tap as possible.
    Putting any sort of protective stickers over the glue on the tab would probably not work. Trying to put a pencil in that has a ‘frictionous’ surface (Wopex) would probably remove those stickers.

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