I am still quite busy at work, so no new blog post at the moment…

…but I thought I amuse you with with this video from Pelikan’s youtube channel.

Montblanc fountain pen failed – Pelikan M800 to the rescue

Pelikan’s description of the video reads as follows:

“During the inauguration of Japanese minister Kensaku Morita on April 6th, 2009 the fine writing instrument failed. The former Minister Akiko Domoto spontaneously offered her Pelikan Souverän M800 to her successor and the documents could be signed without further delays…”

On a related note: Recently, Pelikan changed the logo on the top of the cap to a metal logo.

Usually, I do not display images from other web sites for copyright reasons – one of the reasons why my blog posts with news look quite bare. If I do include images not taken/created by myself I mark them accordingly (e.g. a screen shot from a TV series). Since youtube provides the code to embed videos on your own web pages I decided to embed this video directly. Last year, I did something similar for a Staedtler video. I will keep my restrictive policy regarding images and will mark all images taken from other sources explicitly.

Unfortunately bad news keep coming from Japan. Let’s hope for the best, which (currently) is probably a hope that things don’t get even worse.

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