Montblanc Christmas Ink 2

Montblanc did not release a new Christmas Ink this year, as I discovered when I went to the Montblanc Boutique in Manchester last week. Instead last year’s ink White Forest has been released again. It is a shame as I was looking forward to a new, scented Christmas ink. As far as I know there have been four different Montblanc Christmas inks until now:

  • The brown ink from 2005, also called Cookies and Spices
  • The ink from 2006. Same colour, spicier cinnamon smell
  • The red ink from 2007 with a vanilla smell
  • The green ink from 2008, with a pinewood smell. The first one with an official name: White Forest

Unfortunately many cleaning products have a pinewood smell, not making this smell a good choice in my opinion. The 2009 ink has the same name, packing, colour and I couldn’t notice a different scent when I was in the Montblanc Boutique.

According to messages on the Fountain Pen Network the re-release of the same ink might be because of problems with last year’s Christmas ink. I remember that the bottle I bought back then was difficult to open, as if there was a vacuum inside. It even kept the white foamy insert of the lid on the bottle, separating the insert from the lid even though it had been glued on in the factory. When I moved this foam disc away you could hear the air being sucked in and there was this something mould-like floating on the surface.

Montblanc Christmas Ink

Montblanc Christmas Ink: 2005, 2007, 2008

Well.. If I feel very christmasy I might order some Christmas scented inks from De Atramentis instead, but postage to the UK is not cheap and when I ordered from them before there were some unidentifyable “things” in the package, including lots of hair, which put me off.

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2 thoughts on “Montblanc Christmas Ink

  • Kent

    Well, because I’d missed the MB Season’s Greetings ink last year, It’s a good news to me. 😛 However, it’s quite strange that it’s still unavailable here.

  • memm Post author

    안녕 Kent, and the best think is that now you won’t even have to dispose of the fluffy, floating mould… It made me scared of using the ink, especially as I normally only use piston fillers…

    Here in the UK only the official Montblanc Boutiques stock the “Season’s Greetings” ink, not the small Montblanc outlets in department stores, etc. When I asked in the outlets in the past they said they couldn’t even order it if they wanted.

    I hope they stock it in the 중구 boutique soon .