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A broken Clarks Noris

If you don’t like gory pictures look away, we have a broken Staedtler Noris coming up.

Today: a Noris I came across in a Clarks store. Clarks is a British shoe shop chain. My guess is that they are the biggest shoe shop chain in the UK, but I could be wrong.

The Noris, which can be seen on the poster and which seems to be used by a worker in the shoe factory is broken, the end bit is partly split off – yes, I know, you just walk into a shoe store, don’t expect anything bad and then you are confronted with a broken Noris ..without warning!

The EAN code seems to indicate that this poor butchered Staedtler Noris has a B lead.

Close up


A different kind of Noris in the wild

mechanical Noris
Photo from John

Blog reader John from Dublin has been in contact and sent me this information.

I do not know if this counts as a true “Noris in the wild” but I was in a Chinese market in my home town of Dublin, Ireland and bought three of these for €3. Having distributed them between my work, home and edc and relied on their presence several times I think they may have become my favourite Noris’ to date.

It’s great to see that the mechanical Noris gets some love, too!

Thanks for this information and the photos.

mechanical Noris
Photo from John

A limited Noris

Sean spotted this limited edition artist’s impression of the Noris in a mall in Tampa, Florida.
It seems to be part of a limited edition of 50 pieces.

I’d like to thank Sean for showing me this Noris in the wild and for letting me post about it.

Noris & Co

IMG_1336A manly Noris

Well, I guess this is proof that the Noris is a very manly pencil, assuming that wood work is manly:

I saw this book in my local supermarket and spotted that the Noris is playing an important part.



A Hobonichi Tradition

Nice to see the Staedtler Tradition being featured in the latest Hobonichi video

You can see more at


A cineatic Noris

There also a cinema ad for the Noris, unfortunately it’s for the Noris Colour, not for the Noris graphite pencil



I also noticed that Monocle magazine, mentioned previously, has a penmanship supplement. Unfortunately there isn’t much there except a nice big photos showing a few pens, most of them expensive.


A Noris Print and Egg

Since we’ve been talking about the Noris, have a look at this Noris print from the Well -Appointed Desk

…or this Noris Easter Egg from Lexikaliker.


A graphite Pac-Man

…and for all fans of graph paper and classic video games: The original notebook sketches for Pac-Man.